Quality Control Inspector - Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Quality Control Inspector for FDOT Projects.  Earthwork & Concrete Testing

Job Description:


Quality Control Inspector to implement Contractor's Quality Control Plan on Highway/Bridge projects.  Sampling and testing soils and concrete in the field.

Maintain records of all testing and material inspection reports.  Record and document project progress with Daily Reports.

Ensure compliance with standard operation procedures as well as any additional or special quality assurance procedures required by the contract documents.

This position is scheduled to work primarily during the day, but some nights and weekend shifts are required.


Job Requirements

• Education: High school Diploma or GED

• Knowledge of FDOT Specifications & Standards

• Minimum Experience: 4 years of full time project experience.

• Valid driver's license


Required Training Completions

• Troxler Nuclear Gauge Safety Training

• Earthwork Construction Inspector Level I CTOP & Level II

• FDOT Qualified Specifications #346 CTOP

• Concrete field testing technician Level I ACI

The QC Inspector reports to the QC Manager.